Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Sablogical" -- sabbatical for bloggers

My wife has chided me recently for not posting more. I think her particular form of encouragement took the form, "I've blown past you in total hits." Of course, her blog has the advantage of posting photos of the kids, video clips of them in their hilarious antics, and descriptions of their incomprehensible kid-logic, all of which give her an advantage over a blogger like me, even a 'drummer extraordinaire.'

Perhaps, if I posted video of me playing drums in a rotating cage, head banding, hair flying, dry-ice-smoke wafting...

I started the blog between semesters. During the spring I had taken 12 hours, and was anxious to release in some way. I started fall semester recently, taking another 12 hours. With the full-time job, getting the house ready to sell, co-rearing four kids, and doting on my lovely wife (ok, she is definitely lovely, but my 'doting' may be a bit too generous), something had to give. It has been, obviously, the blog.

So, I suppose I must officially take a break. I'll post occasionally during the semester, but don't count on anything near 30 per month.

By the way, 10 years ago, today, I married well above my station. Happy anniversary, Carrie!

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